The strategic Planning is the dynamic process of gathering information from stakeholder groups, including youth, parents, provider organizations, public and private agencies, and the community at large, mission and vision for children and families specifically within the systems of care infrastructure, or within any child-or family serving system in general (www.

"The manufacturing strategy begins with the development of an over all business strategy, describing the competitive direction of the company or strategic business unit it defines both the scope of the business and how it will seek competitive advantage." Garvin, David, A, 1993)

Strategic planning involves people that will have to answer these questions which include where you want to be in a few years along with where are you now, and how will you get there. Just think about that you are in college now we all know how we got he the question is will we succeed and see ourselves doing what we went to college for? That is really what we will find out in time to come.

Successful strategic planning begins with analysis and diagnosis during this stage top management often assesses two main sets of factors prior to considering ant strategic alternatives. The swot model which was briefly introduced offers one common method of nursling two key elements: Internal company operations and external environment." (Baack, D.E. and Fischer A. (2013)
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