Riley White4th
11/18/14Generations Essay

In 1984, Tom Brokaw labeled a generation who faced great adversity and change as “the Greatest Generation”--a statement Brokaw believes so firmly in that he wrote a book supporting it. However, generations who are developing society today look to challenge this statement by creating a legacy of their own. In other words, the generation currently titled as “The Greatest Generation” may not be as great as those to come.
Today's medical fields are led by highly trained and fairly young individuals. They are making major advancements in almost every field and some are creating entirely new fields. Medicine drives today's society by stopping everything from the common cold to the flu and keeping society immunized so that we can all live without sickness. If young people in this field are innovating and thriving then who is to say that we are not as great as those who came before us.
Men and women today are showing just how technologically savvy they are by inventing new ways to create smaller and faster computers. For example, a typical cell phone has ten times the computing power that sent a man to the moon. How does that show anything you ask? The computer systems that sent that man to the moon were in a fifty foot by fifty foot building with nearly every inch of surface area covered. If innovations in this field continue I am sure that we will one day send a man to Mars.
Leaders are always a big deal when people look back on a generation. For example, you probably know of John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton. In our generation, there are also leaders. Leaders like Saira Blair who, at 18, became the youngest person in US History to ever hold a political office. People like Saira are a perfect example of why we are still just as great as any other generation.
What people seem to forget is that the generations before us had to face the roughest patch of adversity in American history. They have had time and issues with which to...