How to Successfully Acheive Goals

Part 1: Goal Achievement: Introduction
This is part 1 of a 7-part series on how to achieve any goals successfully.

Goal Achievement: Introduction
What are some of your biggest goals in life? To lose weight? To earn more money? To be in your dream career? To set up your own business? To live in abundance? To be in the peak of your health? To meet your life partner? To have a loving family? For any of these goals, have you ever felt the resolve to achieve it, devote resources toward it, work on it for an extended period of time, only to have it fall flat on your face eventually? Say you have a goal to lose weight and you resolve to shed off 30lbs. You start off strong,

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cutting off the amount of food you eat. You also start an exercise regime. Every day, you measure your weight to closely track your progress. Within the first few days, you start seeing a reduction in your weight. Rejoicing, you continue what you have been doing, but it seems that your actions have lost their effectiveness because your weight loss has plateaued. If anything, it seems to be increasing slightly versus your lowest weigh-in. You become discouraged. You start to give up and binge, resigning that it is never possible for you to achieve the goal because it is in your genes or you just do not have the self-discipline. You begin to bury the whole notion of weight loss at the back of your head. Predictably, you start to gain back all the weight you lost and more. This makes you even more depressed and you start eating even more. At some point down the road, you receive a wake-up call to lose weight. You embark on the goal pursuit again, more determined than ever. However, past events repeat themselves and soon you are back where you started, if not in a worse place. Does this pattern of behavior apply to any of the goals you have set out to achieve before? Being looped in a continuous cycle of setting the goal and trying to achieve...