Quality Service

Quality Service is an imperative part of any successful organisation. It consists of prompt, friendly and professional service that meets customer expectations so they will want to deal with a company again and recommend the business to potential customers. These customers may be internal or external to the company’s employment board. Internal customers are work colleagues who may require services in order for them to carry out their jobs and external customers are people from outside the business who are either making enquiries or purchasing goods and services.
A customer will become loyal to a company if they are satisfied with the quality of service they receive. These characteristics include employees who are polite, attentive to customers needs and employees who are able to build a positive rapport with clients. This means that they are able to build a relationship and communicate with people in order to make them long term customers. Employees who have good knowledge of the organisations products, know the correct person to pass an enquiry to and follow through with these to meet the expectation of the companies assumed knowledge and standards for customer service in relation to policies and procedures. This will ensure that customers are satisfied and receive quality service from an organisation. Having goods and services that are reliable and reasonably priced is also an important aspect of quality service as it ensures that a fair and ethical service is being projected to customers. Having complaints dealt with promptly and with understanding guarantees that customers are treated with respect, without prejudice and allows them to feel that they are being assisted and that the service they are receiving is of a high quality.
If a customer is pleased with the service of an organisation, they have the ability to contribute to certain aspects which benefit the company. The most obvious of these benefits is promoting good will and increasing the established...