Perfect Position

Perfect Position Paper

Perfect Position Paper
Brenda Watson

February 8, 2009

Trista Claxon

Perfect Position Paper
Most everyone has had the thought he or she wants to be a leader.   The thought is often I am a better leader than the current leader.   Researchers do not the characteristics common to good leaders.   The age old arguments are leaders taught or are they born with the skills.   The theories of leadership and the perfect position are items I will discuss in this paper.   Many theories have developed over the years to answer these questions.   The set of characteristics that good leaders have in common is still a mystery.
A leader is the person who is capable to influence a group toward the achievements of a vision or set of goals (Robbins, & Judge, 2007).   The leader is not always the manager of the group. He or she can be an individual in the group who can motivate individuals in the group to follow him or her.   According to the reading some of the theories of leadership are trait, behavioral, contingency, path goal, and cognitive.
Trait theory
Trait theory is the characteristics and individual qualities of the leader.   Emotional intelligence (EI) has been found to be a trait shared by good leaders. EI is critical because the leader knows the other persons needs. He or she listens to what the follower is or is not saying and reacts to the individual’s actions (Robbins, & Judge, 2007).   Leaders who show other they care is a reason many people follow the leader.   Caring about people is not the only characteristic that would make a person a good leader.

Behavioral theory
Behavioral theory is the specific behaviors differentiate leaders from non-leaders (Robbins, & Judge, 2007).   The behaviors of leaders are both good and bad.   In the situation of war the leader cannot consider the opinions of the followers and decisions are made because the person has the position that designates him or her as a leader.   The...