I. Executive Summary

Splash Recreation Centre was established in 1999 at Daaban new site in Kumasi. It currently has 12 staff strength, made up of 2 life guards, 3 kitchen staff and 6 bar attendants and waiters and a manager. This suggests that they operate a bar and restaurant in addition to the swimming pool, but the swimming pool is their main business.

The company has an aggressive five-year plan that includes 28 people been employed by the year 2010. In other to achieve these goals, they will need a great deal of capital. They would therefore acquire a loan from their bankers. As such Splash Recreation Centre plans to invest in advertising, staff development, infrastructure development and other world class services such as massaging, acupuncture and a gym centre.

The manager holds an MBA degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management and has 5 years working experience in the industry. The other staff members are all well trained and experienced in their various duties.

The objective of the swimming pool business is to become the leading hospitality centre in swimming pool business and other related services in the Kumasi Metropolis and beyond

  1.   Provide safe, clean swimming facilities

  2. Provide clean, attractive conditions in the bathhouse, pool and surrounding areas.

  3. Protect   against disease transmission

  4. Prevent drowning, near drowning and accidents

  5. Lower operation cost, increase attendance and profitability

  6. Promote fitness, exercise and healthy lifestyle.

II. Table of Contents

  Current Market Situation 3-4

  Environmental Analysis 4-9

  Customer Analysis 10

  SWOT 10

  Objectives to be achieved     12-14

  Marketing Strategy     15-18

  Marketing Plan Control           19

III. Current Market Situation.

Currently the swimming pool service is based on basic services such as shower, swimming and towel provision services for an...