Hometown Deli Business Process

Hometown Deli is creating a strategic plan to grow its business in an increasingly competitive market. With many businesses offering similar dishes and similar prices, small differences can mean the difference between success and failure. After Hometown Deli evaluated its marketing plan, owners realized that they need to bolster its strengths in order to expand its customer base and remain a dominate player. Critical to the success of the business is outstanding service, quality food, skilled and personable staff, and superior business operating systems.

Hometown Deli will implement the Point of Sales for operating system to enhance productivity and track items and purchases. The Point of Sales system (POS) will improve the business by simplifying order management, automating of the kitchen processes, keeping inventory control, establishing customer loyalty programs -- gift cards, track sales, in-house accounts -- and keeping a current tally of accounts receivables.

The POS Process

Menu Ordering
The POS system provides different menu categories, such as appetizers, entrees, and desserts that cater to most diners’ preferences. It allows for modifying menu items, so servers can be prompted with choices of dish sizes small, medium or large -- and with instructions on whether the diners’ preferences on how entrees are prepared, such as rare, medium and well done. These choices streamline order placement and ensures the food preparers know the customer preferences.   POS also makes creating sub-menus and seasonal menus and can be configured to include different choices based on dates and times. It is operated by entering the order at any point of sale terminal on an automated device to Blackberry or similar PDA. Once orders, all customer preferences are routed to the kitchen for preparation. The system increases the efficiency of the staff by eliminating the need to carry handwritten orders back to the kitchen. A clearly printed kitchen...