Business Process Modelling

Name: Diddi Sujith
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  a) Level 1 : Performed
  b) Level 2 : Managed
  c) Level 3 : Defined
  d) Level 4 : Quantitatively Managed
  e) Level 5 : Optimized
The different levels of certification that the software companies get when they achieve that particular level’s goal.
Example:- IBM is a top-most company, which has certification of CMMI level 5 company.
 Let us consider” Require Management“as a process area.
Process Area : A process area is a mixture of related practices in an area whenthat, instrumented together, satisfies a set of goals which are important for making developments in that area. There are 21 process areas in CMMI model as mentioned below.

  a) Configuration Management
  b) Decision Analysis and Resolution
  c) Integrated Project Management
  d) Measurement and Analysis
  e) Organizational Innovation and Development
  f) Organizational Process Definition
  g) Organizational Process Focus
  h) Organizational Process Performance
  i) Organizational Training
  j) Project Monitoring and Control
  k) Project Planning
  l) Process and Product Quality Assurance
  m) Product Integration
  n) Quantitative Project Management
  1. Requirements Management
  2. Requirements Development
  3. Risk Management
  4. Supplier Agreement Management
  5. Technical Solution
  6. Validation
  7. Verification
At the point when all the particular ranges characterized by CMMI are delighted we can say that level one is carried out. In this level work assignments which are obliged to create the work items are being led
At the point when level 1 is accomplished then in surplus to this all work associated with the procedure regions are looked at or checked against the structurally characterized approach. It is even watched that all individuals doing the work have entry to enough obliged assets to accomplish their occupation.