Stage 2 the Hometown Deli

Fernando Gallegos

Technology Solution Proposal

As of right now the Hometown Deli has an old fashion procedure in which its process is obsolete since the grandfather ran everything manually and by memory. For instance, the inventories are processed in the books manually, and therefore, it is not accurate. As a result, most of the time they are short of needed products, or on the other hand they are over in the amount of not needed products.   Given that the Grand son took over the business, He must implement a new process in order to increase its revenue.
Automation process will change the entire procedure of Hometown
Deli, and it will benefit to recover from the meltdown that it has been through the last five years.
This process of computerized systems and hardware, will make the deli more efficient and effective; in addition, lowering operational cost. An excellent example is the control of inventories. This will protect Hometown Deli to waste goods, and to buy goods when needed; therefore, The Hometown Deli will improve customer satisfaction, and a lot of savings in products not needed.
This new software will also automatically count each item every time it is ordered, so that management will know when they are about to be short of a specific product, same thing when they have over specific products, so they do not purchased again same item.
Furthermore, this new technique also will help to create a new way to place orders, billing customers, and increase sales.  
Thanks to the technology, computers can be placed in the Deli, connected by a network, so they can communicate to each other, and orders can be placed in this new software; therefore, in that way service will be faster.   Additionally, billing will not be manually, instead with a cashier register bringing accurate balances at the end of the business day. As a result, accurate expenses, revenue and profits.
The components that Hometown Deli must purchase are:...