Cis 205 Business Process and Information Systems

Business Process and Information Systems
CIS 205
July 31, 2011
University of Phoenix

Business Process and Information Systems
Within the following paper the requirement is   to discuss the business process within the place of employment familiar to me, along with the strengths and weaknesses of the information systems chosen and how to improve those systems.
Information systems (IS) and the business process go hand-in-hand in the place that I am employed. Each area whether it be the business process end or the information system end needs one another to reach the goal of serving the customer and send required information to the corporate office. To achieve a better understanding of what business processes are and how IS   is essential to supporting and managing the business process the topic will be discussed as to how they involve the job duties in my work environment.
Starting with the understanding of what is a business process, this is a collection or areas that are involved in the business environment concerning; related areas, structured, or task (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011). This collection achieves the ability to serve a customer or many customers with a specific service or product.
There are three types of business process within an industry these are as follows:
  1. Management- this controls the operations of a system
2. Operational- Purchasing, Manufacturing, Advertisement, and Sales
3. Supporting – Accounting, Recruitment, Technical Support.
Management Process
Within the management process in regards to my company Information Systems is found to be an extreme importance to the company. With the corporate office located hundreds of miles from our location the need for E-mail, recording of daily sales, and relating issues within our facility is accomplished through the use of the Internet. Another advantage of IS consist of the POS being able to send required information via the network this information consist of cash sells,...