Hnc Sociology

Tracey Siebenaler.
HNC Social Care.
Group B.
11th October 2009.

“The Family is The Cornerstone Of Society.”

James Watt College.
Kilwinning Campus.

Tracey Siebenaler. HNC Social Care.

“The Family is The Cornerstone Of Society.”

To consider the above statement one would have to firstly decide on a definition for modern day family. The most common form of family set up in modern day Britain would be the nuclear family comprising of parents and children together.   Extended families, another type of family unit, consist most often of three generations living together or in close proximity. A third type would be the reconstituted family. This could be defined as step parents living together with joint children and step siblings. These are just some of the more common examples of family types there are many more family set ups which could be named (Moore 1996).   After examining family set up and function through the various sociological theories we would be able to draw conclusions as to their value to society. Perhaps family makes the advancement of society more difficult and instead of helping society holds back certain groups within society back from reaching their full potential.

Social Action Theories such as Symbolic Interactionism believe that society is built from the bottom up as individuals actively working together to create relationships and groups (Moore 1996). Mead and Blumer are both proponents of this theory and as such view the family as important as it is through these family relationships that people develop further group relationships and learn group norms and rules. This allows both the individual and the group to develop and evolve into the various parts of society.  
Functionalist theory was developed in United States by Talcott Parsons he along with other functionalists believe family not only to be the cornerstone of society, but to be a necessity of society.   Functionalists look at society from a structural...