A) Sociology has three main perspectives. The first perspective is the Conflict perspective. Conflict perspective is a sociological approach that assumes that behavior is based of tension between groups fight over power, resources, and money. The Functionalist perspective is the second perspective and it means that parts of a society are organized to maintain stability. Interactionist perspective is when you take small groups and social interaction and explain society as a whole.
B) In the 2008 Election between Barrack Obama and John McCain was a clear example of the three sociological perspective. The best example for the Conflict perspective for the 2008 Election is when Barrack Obama and John McCain were debating about Health Care reform. In the United States there is definitely competitions over getting health care. President Barrack Obama wanted to have everyone that did not have healthcare get government Health insurance. The process on which this will work is that government would have to raise taxes and less tax cuts for the rich. Which would take money out of the wealthy citizens pocket, and the people that have the power. John McCain opposed the bill because he did not want the taxes to go up and taking money from the people with the power.
The Functionalist perspective was shown in the post 2008 election by the economic situation that we are in. If you look at the united states as a living organism, each major part could not survive with out the other, unless there was a replacement. The example of the post 2008 election is when the government bailed out all the major bank and American Automobile companies. If those financial institution would fail our whole country might collapse with them, that how Functionalist perspective fits in with the post 2008 elections.
The interacionist perspective is shown in the 2008 perspective just by having the diverse amount of candidates in the election. On the Republican primary there was and Italian,...