Healthy Workplace

The nursery is commited to providing a workplace which supports and encourages a healthy staff team through sharing information, training and family friendly issues.

Dress Code
Staff must follow our dress code at all times.

Staff breaks.
It is the responsibility of the nursery manager to ensure that all staff working six hours or more take a break of twenty, thirty or sixty minutes dependant on their hour worked and ensuring the ratios are maintained.

Staff under the age of eighteen require a break of thirty minutes in circumstances where they work four and a half hours a day. All breaks should be taken away from an employees normal work area (where this is applicable).

Personal Hygiene
Staff must follow the personal hygene code at al times, and encourage children to adopt the same good personal hygiene code themselves.

All hands must be washed before handling food, after using the toilet or toileting children, after playing outside, wiping noses and coming into contact with animals.

After the nose has been wiped the tissue must be disposed of hygienically and hands should be washed.

The nursery is committed to providing a safe, happy and healthy environment for the children to play, grow and learn. Cleanliness is a vital step to ensure this. The nursery will be cleaned every evening and regular check will be made in the bathrooms – these will be cleaned at least daily (more if necessary). The nappy changing facility will be cleaned after every use. Any mess caused throughout the day will be cleaned up as necessary to ensure a hygienic environment is provided for the children in our care.

Staff need to be aware of the basic food hygiene standards through appropritate training and this will be reviwed every three years.
• Fridges to be cleaned out regularly.
• Microwave to be cleaned after every use.
• Oven to be cleaned Regulaly and recorded.
• Freezers to be cleaned out every three months and recorded....