Ethical System of Inquiry

Ethical System of Inquiry
Latasha Brown
University of Phoenix
PHL 323: Ethics in Management
Mary Carter
September 29, 2008

      "Performance with integrity is what we are about.” (Code of Business: Ethics and Conduct, 2007).   In developing a system of inquiry, I chose to use the ethics code for H&R Block. H&R Block is committed to constantly achieving the highest level of business ethics and conducting business in an honest and forthright manner. (Code of Business: Ethics and Conduct, 2007).   Since its original establishment, the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct has provided H&R Block employees guidance for maintaining the company’s core values and beliefs. Although the company and industry has undergone significant change, the standards and values have remained constant.   The company’s values are Client Focused, Excellence, Integrity, Respect and Teamwork.   The “code” is established to show how to conduct business in a legal and ethical manner while upholding company values.
      The code of ethics for H&R Block is very extensive; however, there are seven main areas of focus.   The areas of focus are an introduction to the code, compliance and enforcement, our clients, our people and environment, conflicts of interest, our assets and fair business practices. Through these seven areas, I have developed a system of inquiry to be used in evaluating decision-making, problem solving, and behavior in a business setting.
Introduction to Code
The introduction must clearly identify the purpose of the code.   The purpose of the code is to support the company’s commitment to ethical business conduct and provide uniformity in our approach to business ethics issues.   The code is critical to the company’s reputation and continued success.   The code is to be followed by all associates (including senior management), officers, stakeholders, and members of the Board of Directors and any subsidiary companies. In addition, it will be expected that any suppliers,...