Business Environment

Task 1.1

A mission statement, values and objectives simply is a statement of intent, an outline of the purpose of the organisation.   The written statements provide employees and other stakeholders with an indication of what the organisation is attempting to achieve.

Kone has a vision and strategy statement which is there equivalent of a mission statement.  

‘Kone delivers solutions that enable people to move smoothly, safely, comfortably and without waiting from one place to another’

Kone believes their values guide the behaviour of their personnel towards achieving its goals.  

Kones values are:

Delighting the customer
By working hard for and with them to identify and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.  

Energy for renewal
Kone are committed and energised by the drive for continuous improvement by adapting and anticipating changing requirements and always looking for smarter ways to work.  

Passion for performance
Drive new ideas to realisation with speed and an obsession to produce customer driven quality.  

Kone has an objective statement taken from their website.

‘Kone’s objective is to offer the best people flow experience by developing and delivering solutions that enable people to move smoothly, safely, comfortably and without waiting in building in an increasingly urbanising environment’.

Task 1.1 Continued

The expectations of stakeholders may influence how an organisation seeks to achieve its objectives.   Employees and customers will influence the running of Kone.   Builders for example will influence what is manufactured at Kone depending on the customers needs.  

The local community may have an influence to say further expansion, if Kone expanded to create more jobs for the local community but at the same time it was going to create more noise and pollution the local community will lobby and try to block planning permission.

It is important to note that few stakeholders are likely to hold...