Health and Social


Support individuals to access and use information (Level 2) Support individuals to identify information to meet their needs Enable individuals to access, select and use information Enable individuals to evaluate the information

Elements of Competence HSC26a HSC26b HSC26c

About this unit For this unit you will need to work directly with individuals, helping them to access and use information, services and facilities. Scope The scope is here to give you guidance on possible areas to be covered in this unit. The terms in this section give you a list of options linked with items in the performance criteria. You need to provide evidence for any option related to your work area. Communicate using the individual’s preferred spoken language; the use of signs, symbols, pictures, writing, objects of reference, communication passports; other non verbal forms of communication; human and technological aids to communication. Information can be provided: orally; paper based; electronically Key people: family; friends; carers; others with whom the individual has a supportive relationship. Your knowledge and understanding will be specifically related to legal requirements and codes of practice applicable to your job; your work activities; the job you are doing (e.g. domiciliary, residential care, hospital settings) and the individuals you are working with. Values underpinning the whole of the unit The values underpinning this unit have been derived from the key purpose statement1, the statement of expectations from carers and people receiving services, relevant service standards and codes of practice for health and social care in the four UK countries. They can be found in the principles of care unit HSC24. To achieve this unit you must demonstrate that you have applied the principles of care outlined in unit HSC24 in your practice and through your knowledge.


The key purpose identified for those working in health and social care settings is “to provide an integrated,...