Computers and the Internet Play an Increasingly Important Role in Health and Social Care. in What Ways Can They Help Make Care Safer and Better? What Problems Can Their Use Create?

These days many service users use the computer and the internet to seek health information online, it has enabled service users   today to have knowledge concerning their health conditions, how to manage their health and even access information about medications, with patients having all this information , it makes them expert patients. Patients with chronic conditions can join forums and groups online that give them support emotionally and mentally. Service providers also benefit from the use of the computer and the internet. Many hospitals at this stage and age use the computer and the internet for web-based scheduling, online appointment and even web-based record keeping. These enables service providers to build better administration and management are more organised and ease of access to patient’s health records. The internet has advantages and disadvantages to both service users and service providers. Kadi, this is a well constructed introduction, well done. You could also indicate the concepts you will be covering when discussing the disadvantages
Computers and the internet can help care be safe and better. One example is the ease of access; service users can access healthcare information twenty- four hours a day. Since the availability of health information is easy to access, service users can search for information about their health conditions, research about their medications, and even order their prescription online, which can be delivered to them at home. This is all because there are so many websites online providing information on medications, how to use medications, causes of disease, symptoms and how to avoid certain diseases.
Health and social care providers can use the internet to have safe and easy access of records regarding health care. Electronic record keeping can save both the patient and the service provider time, this is doctors can share information electronically , since a patient’s health information is computerised, their health...