Health and Social Care

Within this task I will reflect on my own personal and professional development. Throughout my time in college I believe I have slowly become an independent individual and my knowledge of health and social have widened. My communication skills have improved and I have become a more confident person than I was before.   Before I began this course I had no confidence and everything I done seemed to be wrong   because I did not achieve my goals I set which pushed me away from studying and also made me a person who relied on others all the time.

There were many things that pushed me away from wanting to study such as; the people I was around, the environment and i had no one to motivate me on wanting to study. But as I began the course I met new people and I realised that I wanted to do something in my life so I stuck to the course even though I had a rough start as I hardly came in and I hardly done any of the work. But I believe I am doing better than before as I do my work and hand it on time. I am still slightly struggling with my attendance but I know I will overcome this weakness in my own time.

I recently began my work placement in a care home. At first I wasn’t too sure about it as I heard many stories from others but I thought to myself it is worth a try. My first day was good I enjoyed it even though I had never seen myself working with old people but my views have changed as all the staff made me feel welcome and the patients I was working with made me realise a lot. During my placement I learnt how to communicate with people who suffer from hearing or speech impediment and also support them by feeding them, dressing them and just being friendly to them by talking and showing that you are there for them.   I still haven’t completed my house but I look forward on going back next week.

I will attach my CV and reflect on each section of it. The first section I will begin with is my Personal Profile and Skills. I feel what I wrote on my C.V is true and I...