Through a Selected Specific Community, Demonstrate an Understanding of the Concept of Community, and Appraise Its Needs, Strengths and Resources. Discuss How the Relevant Health and Social Care Policies, Contribute to

Through a selected specific community, demonstrate an understanding of the concept of community, and appraise its needs, strengths and resources. Discuss how the relevant health and social care policies, contribute to the well being of the community and the individuals within it.

Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care

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The geographical area that will be studied and reported on is Bridgend, South Wales. The community of interest is adults with past and present Mental Health problems. The health and social care policies and procedures that I will use to support my work, are from my place of work at Claremont Residential Care Home and from local and national sources at Bridgend County Borough Council and the Welsh Assembly Government.


A community may not have an actual physical location, but constructed by a group of people with a common interest. There may be communities within larger communities, including districts, regions, ethnic groups, nations and other boundaries.   Communities can also be online, like websites such as facebook and myspace. There is also community cohesion, which is defined as what must happen in every community for different groups of people to get on well together.

The community of Bridgend has a population of 128645.[1] Statistics taken from the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD) show the needs and strengths of the community and geographical area of Bridgend. The percentage of female to male population is 51.4% female to 48.6% male. For the community of interest the crime rates are rated at average. The crime statistics from South Wales Police state the ‘ average number of crimes in this area (Bridgend) has decreased from 815.7 to 695, which is a 14.8% drop.”[2] This was for a 3-month period only. The overall level of crime and burglary in Bridgend is rated at average. Cardiff’s crime rates are more than triple that of Bridgend. Its crime rating overall is above...