Health and Social

Week: | Activity or experience | What went well | What went less well | How can I improve | Goals or action plan for future practice | TARGETS IN MY ACTION PLAN that relates to this practice |
Week1 | A tour around the entire school, seeing the different sections including fire exits, my classroom and staff rooms | I was assigned a classroom working with 1year olds which was on the bottom floor. They gave us the privilege to use the staff room where I would normally go for lunch. All the Fire exits and extinguishers are clearly marked. | There are only two toilets and many staff I needed to use the loo and somebody was in both toilets which was a fatal inconvenience for me and other members of staff | Come out of my comfort zone when communicating with the adults in my section | | |
Week2 | Short training and Learning rules and regulations of the workplace | I was well informed of the rules I have to abide by and what I can and cannot do | Trying to remember all the rules at once | Use the guidelines booklet given me to familiarise more with the rules and regulations | | |
Week3 | Meeting all other members of staff in different rooms including the manager who is hardly in | I have met all members of staff including cleaning staff and dinner ladies and clearly introduced myself | Felt quite shy at first and thought I wouldn’t   clique with the   staff at all because of the difference in age range | Try to become more confident with other staff and interact more with them | | |
Week4 | Meeting all of the children and interacting with them fully | Got to play different games and paint with them it felt like nursery all over again, it’s like going on holiday every Monday instead of school | Trying to share my attention to all the other children as well as Some children did not want to interact. | Learn to give equal attention to all the children in my class. | | |
Week5 | | | | | | |
Week6 | | | | | | |
Week7 | | | | | | |