Hcs 320 Week 2

Carolyn Velez


HCS 320

HIPAA Summary

HIPAA means Health Insurance Portability and Acountability Act.   This means that HIPPA has the ability to protect a patients private health care record and information.   This privacy act was passed in congress on August of 2002.   I knew the overall basics of HIPAA and the tutorial was very informative. I learned a lot about the laws and regulations. I previously went to a doctors office and he did not use electronic medical records, he was also a family friend.   I think that the new technology and way of keeping everything on a computer is very quick and efficient. It keeps patients information safe and within a few clicks they can be accessed to the authorized people.   This tutorial let me know how important it is to keep patients information safe and in the right hands. It explained to me the policies and procedures that need to be taken in order to keep a patients information safe. It explained to me about integrity and how it is important to be trustful and have values.   Availability is what is discussed next and it means that the authorized people have access to an individuals information that is needed. I was not aware that computers who have patients medical records and information can not just be accessed with one password.   Their are multiple loins and things you have to do in order to log in and see patients information.   Their are protection systems such as virus detection, spy ware and firewall. I knew about virus protection but I am not very computer savvy and did not know about the others. The virus detector stops any unknown traffic from attacking the computer.   Firewalls can find viruses, alert you of them and remove them.   Their are many different systems that can protect a computer.   There needs to be additional layers of protection on a computer especially one that holds patients medical and personal information to keep it out of the wrong hands.