Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention
Shaun Barnett, Crystal Miller, Tara Owens
December 2, 2013
Eman Elserafy

Diabetes Prevention



Dedication and Acknowledgements
Statistics History and Future

List of Chapters

CHAPTER 1 – Diabetes overview into
CHAPTER 2 – Services among local clinics
CHAPTER 3 – Results of Prevention
CHAPTER 4 – Family Involvement
CHAPTER 5 – Conclusion

Focusing on Diabetes

Team A has chosen Diabetes with the outlook of prevention. Diabetes is a number one killer but oddly enough it is one of the chronic diseases that can be prevented by an individual’s lifestyle.
Our team will focus on the history and future outlook on diabetes, family involvement, prevention precautions the patient may take, conclusion, and much more. Our message is to inform patients and families about the options that are available and how the clinic will accommodate to several different situations. There will be also be numbers and webpage’s available for further information needed.
Prevention of Diabetes in older adults lead to number of complication, it develops serious health problems. When blood levels of glucose form sugar are too high it hurts the eye, kidney and affects other body systems. However the goal is to enroll new patients and to carefully control blood glucose, help to prevent or delay the disease and future problems. While high glucose levels found in younger patients can be managed elderly patients with diabetes are at higher risk of Hyperextension also physical disability increases which requires treatment and family involvement. There are two types of diabetes type 1and type 2 diabetes; type 1 diabetes people must take insulin every day. Symptoms often visible in children, teenagers and younger adults are formerly known as juvenile diabetes. Type 2 diabetes are most common in older adults, it’s linked to genetic factors, lack of activity. People with type 2 diabetes...