Communication Opinion Paper

Communication Opinion Paper
Deborah Mitchell
March 31, 2014
Paul Wing

There are both similarities and differences to be found in effective communication and health care communication.   The basics elements of communication is dependent upon a number of things which include but are not limited to, who is speaking or delivering the message, who is receiving the message, and what kind of information that is being exchanged.  

In an effort to answer what is effective communication and how it incorporates the basic elements of communication, one must first answer what are the basic of communication.   This week’s reading list them as, sender/receiver, encoding, decoding, message, channel and feedback which are all necessary in order for information to be transferred and received and understood by all parties involved.   From the list the three that must definitely be present are sender/receiver, message, and feedback.   As a sender/receiver you must send and receive messages simultaneously.   When delivering a message, which is defined as an idea, thought, feeling, or opinion to be communicated, one must remember that this includes nonverbal communication as well.   Lastly feedback which is the receiver’s response to the message includes how the message is seen, heard, and understood and lastly how the receiver feels about the message.

When it comes to healthcare communication not only does it involve the basic elements found in effective communication but it also involves arriving at a shared understanding.   Negotiating, having access to adequate and timely information that may be necessary for a patient’s care and treatment.   Also technical jargon and terms needs to be spoken.   Diagrams and x-rays may also be used as a form of relaying information.   The five basic elements of healthcare communication are:
Complete- answers all questions to a level that is satisfactory to those involved in the exchange of information.
Concise- Word expressions are...