Human Managment

Assignment: Human Resource Management Roles Paper

Catherine Fullerton

Date: June 6, 2012

Instructor: Joanne Kronstedt

        In today’s world health care needs managers with understanding and management skills,

which are needed in the health care environment. Activities included are skills with involvement

required for planning, organizing, leading, and control of an organization.

    Managers possibly could be required to respond and adapt to changes within an

organization for the need of the patient population it serves. Managers are accountable in

decision making, productivity, cost, safety, and confidentiality. A manager’s role may vary from

different organizations, but an effective manager will be accountable while creating a quality

work environment. Managers in a health care organization must manage effectively while using

the management process. Management process consist of accountability for themselves and

others, using the principles of effective time management, support the department of intellectual

capital, and other essentials to be a successful manager. To achieve this, managers should

understand the environment in which he or she is working. Not only should the manager

understand the environment in which he or she is working one should be involved in changes,

which consist of employees and stakeholders directly or indirectly in the success of the


      Newer technologies and services are more on demand with patient care in today’s health

care. Therefore, health care managers must constantly determine how their departments can

satisfy these new consumer expectations. Seeking out opportunities for the department would

help managers to provide new and better services for patients. Important roles of management

include mobilizing people and subunits who share responsibility with individuals they report to.

This helps accomplish...