Greek and Roman Civilization

Athenian and Spartan ‘s lifestyle, political and government structure &
Similarities and differences in the government structure
By a student from
University of People

For Assignment Unit 1   Greek and Roman Civilization

18th November 2013
  Richard Cummins
Athens and Sparta as both ancient super in Greece . This essay will elaborate   both lifestyle and upbringing of an Athenian and Spartan in order to describe how they obtain the right to participate   in the public life.   It   briefly   describes   the non citizens and slaves as well .In addition , it illustrates the political system by focusing the selection process and structure of   its leadership   which influence and make decisions affecting the community. On top of that it , compare and contrast the their governmental structures by listing their similarities and difference .
Life in Sparta ,the process of participation in public life   and political life and structure which enable them to influence the community
Both Spartan ‘s fate to live is decided by Spartan state   .If they are physically unfit they will be thrown into the ravine . Both male and female are educated and trained . The females are obligated to bear as many children   . They are educated from 6 to 18 years old   if they pass the test they will be awarded a husband .Women have the freedom to manage the household but no right in the political system .
The boys serve the military his entire life   .Once a boy reaches his 7   he   is   enrolled in Agoge   and   subjected to vigorous training   .Once he reaches his 20’s and pass a difficult test he will be a soldier of the State . There he will compete to join a Syssitia that determines his social ranking. He is permitted to marry but must maintain conditions implemented such as supplying food from his allocated income from the farming   manned by his assigned helot and a fair share of wild hunting . Inability to perform will cause him to lose citizenship and will deter...