Greek vs Rome

GreeDifference between Greek & Roman civilizations
Think of two great powers. Both of which at their peaks could rival almost any other power. It would be hard to see a difference between both of these civilizations at first glance. They both did arise in similar positions but all things eventually change. Nothing stays the same especially in the case of these two glorious city state civilizations
Let’s start off with the difference in the expressive form of each civilization. The art of each of these civilizations could be compared with each other. The art form used by each civilization. This would deal with how the art was interpreted. Greek culture dealt with producing an ideal artist form. This would be something akin to an image that is so perfect it couldn’t be real. The Roman’s form of art was to make anything as realistic as possible and to use the art for decoration and personal use.
In sense and style of economy. The Greek culture was behind the Roman counterpart. This came from poor practicing with tending to their agriculture practice. They switched to what the Romans were good at. The both had slaves to do labor but Rome was more dependent on their slaves as the backbone of their economy.
There social classes also have differences. This like many other aspects of the cultures may not be noticeable at first glance. This happens to be different since in Rome woman where treated with more respect and treated and as actual citizens of their respective states. This is far from what is usually occurring between the two. In Greece the women could own property but can’t sell it, and her father was able to take her back even after marriage.   She was basically like a slave. The Roman woman got to own and sell property was even viewed with high regard in the society.
The level of authority within a household was also different. In Roman family the father had say in whatever his children did. He could even decide to get rid of a newborn child. What the...