Greek vs. Roman Life

Greek vs. Roman Life
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This paper compares and contrasts Greek and Roman cultures, government, art, architecture, economy and social structure. It will show you how the Greeks and Romans were a like and different. You will learn how they lived, what they believed in and how they built their lives.

Greek vs. Roman Life
The Greeks and Romans were a like in many ways. The Romans inherited many of their ways of life from the Greeks. They also believed in things that were not so much alike. The following table will show you the differences and similarities between the Greeks and Romans.
| Greek | Roman |
Terrain | Poleis ( city-states)Separated Mountainous | InlandLow areas swampyHigh areas unable to buildTiber & Arno River |
Culture | Polytheistic Believed in many Gods For every area of life | Adapted from Ancient Greek, Believed in GodsHousehold religion and state religion |
Social Structure | Women were not citizensMen in charge of family And householdWomen had children and managed house and slavesWomen were not allowed To vote | Men masters of their homesWomen respected for hygiene, Women took care of household and childrenWomen were citizens and allowed to vote |
Government | Kings rulesThen Representative Democracy | Kings ruled then because a republic. Emperors were then established. Split government into three branches Executive, Legislative, and Judical |
Economy | Based on AgricultureSelf SufficientDid not depend on slaves | Based on AgricultureImported WheatAnnexed provincesTradedDependent on slave labor |
Art & Architecture | Ideal artistic formFocused on perfectionLiked to used marbleDoric, Ionic, and Corinthian Architecture Built Temples to please the Gods | Realistic art formFocused on history and real peopleLiked to use cement and concrete Corinthian ArchitectureBuilt buildings for Entertainment |...