Reflective Account

Reflective Account of a typical shift

This Account includes details of the health and safety at work act 1974, it takes a few different elements of the act and explains them and shows how I put them into practise.

A typical Morning Shift for me starts at 7am, at which time I come into work and receive a verbal handover from staff on previous shift and also read up on written notes for service users as well as the communication book for any changes to circumstances.

When I have completed the handover and I have informed myself of any changes, I go and greet any service users that are already awake and ask them how their night was and how they slept.   Service user A is usually up at 7 am and he will usually still be wearing pyjamas and I communicate with him in a manner of speech supported by sign a long, he will at that time ask for a drink, usually a cup of tea and I   ask him to come and make one under my supervision.

Service user A is very happy to be independent and make his own drinks however his mobility is limited in one arm and he requires support to ensure risks are kept to a minimum when using hot liquids, I prompt this chap to get his cup and get the drink of his choice out of the cupboard (tea or coffee usually), he puts the coffee or tea in his cup and I ask him if I can pour him some hot water as for health and safety reasons the risk is too great for him to do this task himself, he pours his milk and cools it slightly with cold water and I carry his drink to the table for him, again for health and safety reasons.

Service user A requires to go upstairs and with support have a wash and get dressed ready to face the day ahead, he will take himself upstairs when he is ready to get dressed, and I will prompt him to get his towels ready for his wash. This gentleman has a wash every other day and a shower in between as he has skin conditions that is sensitive to too much warm water, so for his wash I prompt this chap to undress his top...