Focus on the Learner Celta Assignment 3

Part A
I interviewed a female student called Chris who is from Venezuela. Her first language is Spanish and she was born and raised in Venezuela. Chris works as a professor in a university back home in Venezuela where she teaches industrial security. She is in England visiting family and will be here for around 5 months.
Chris would like to learn English so that she can gain employment after she completes her doctorate. Her level of English at the moment is still at elementary level, though her writing is more advanced than her speaking as we shall see later. Chris has studied some English in Venezuela but she commented that the lessons were not taught very well and that she did not gain very much from the lessons. She would need to develop her English skills quite significantly if she wishes to gain employment in an English speaking environment. Chris would have to continue studying English in a consistent manner if she wishes to achieve her aim.
I have found Chris to be a visual learner and I would say that is her preferred learning style more so than an auditory or kinaesthetic. This is because she enjoys and benefits more from activities such as reading and writing more than speaking in class. Chris told me this is because at the moment she has to translate everything mentally in her head before answering. Chris mentioned that she also enjoys English grammar and she believes that it is actually easier than Spanish grammar. Learning styles are important as stated “..the manner in which individuals choose to or are inclined to approach a learning situation has an impact on performance and achievement of learning outcomes.” (Cassidy S, Learning Styles, pg. 420)
Although Chris likes English grammar I would conclude it is still one of her weaknesses. She is aware of the different tenses and she can use some of them, like “My husband and I practise English”, such as the present simple but then again she will use the present simple even when she should be using the...