Celta Assignment 1


Part D: Context, Concept, Form & Function

1. I must have left it in the restaurant

1. Function: Expressing deductive near certainty about a past action.

2. Context:

John and Amy have just come home from a Chinese restaurant. John can’t find his wallet. The last time he remembers using it was when he took it out to pay for food in the restaurant. He says ‘I must have left it in the restaurant’.

3. Form: Subject + must have + past participle.

4. Anticipated problems:
      Ss may misinterpret the use of must and have, thinking that it refers to an obligation that must be done in the future. This notion may be strengthened by the present use of must have rather than the past.          

Students may incorrectly replace the past participle with the base verb (I must have leave it in the restaurant).

Must have becomes contracted in spoken form, becoming / məst əv /.   If the Ss don’t recognise this contraction, they may pronounce the full form / məst hæv /, therefore producing unnatural sounding speech. This full form would most likely be used due to the Ss pre – existing knowledge of how must have appears in formal written form.
Receptively, the Ss may not even recognise the contracted form at all, resulting in them hearing “I must left it in the restaurant”.

5. Concept checking questions.

a). Where are John and Amy now? (At home)
b). Where have they been? (At a restaurant)
c). Does John have his wallet? (No)
d). Where does he think it is? (In the restaurant)
e). Why does he think it’s in the restaurant? (That is the last place that he remembers using it).
f). Did he take it out in the restaurant? (Yes)
g). Why? (To pay for food)
h). How certain is he that it’s in the restaurant? (Nearly 100 percent)

      2. I’m playing tennis with Peter at 11.30.

1. Structure: Using the present continuous to talk about a planned future event.

2. Context:...