Celta - Focus on the Learner



Ramiro is a 28 year old male from Alicante in Spain. He is currently in the upper-intermediate class.   Ramiro arrived in the UK on 4th September 2011 and entered the Level 7 class.   He is very proud of the progress that he has made with his English.   He is currently staying in a self-catering home stay in Chichester.   Ramiro is not sure how long he will stay in the UK; he is worried about the uncertain economic climate in Europe and ideally would like to find a job in a specialist marketing company in London.   Ramiro grew up in Alicante and can speak Spanish Castellano and Valencian . He was educated in Valencian which   is the traditional and official name of the Catalan language in the Valencian Community.   Ramiro compares the Valencian language as an equivalent to Welsh in the UK.

Ramiro first studied English at high school at the age of 16.   None of his family speak English.   He studied Baccalaureate (high school 16-18) and followed this with a university degree in Business Studies.   Ramiro then worked as a sales manager for an Engineering company and as a banking executive for Banco CRM.   Ramiro is from a middle-class, formerly wealthy Valencian family – his father owned a successful and well known toy manufacturing brand.

Ramiro tells me that he has sat 2 exams – both in Spain:   “English Selectiv” and “English pre-intermediate” in University.     He is thinking of taking the IELTS exam with a view to continuing his studies with an emphasis on   business english.

Ramiro likes to study, especially anything connected with businss marketing and human resources - the subject of his degree.   His favourite subject at school was Mathematics.   He likes reading and particularly likes to read management books. As far as learning english is concerned,   Ramiro tries to predict what his lesson might be about and reads up on the subject before hand so that he can get the...