Celta Assignment 1

Focus on the learner
Learner background:
My learner is Jorge and is of Latin America origin specifically Colombia. His first language is Spanish followed by Portuguese and Italian. He studied English briefly during a three year stay in the USA. My learner Jorge at the moment isn’t attending any other classes because he works from home and for that reason doesn’t have the time to attend other classes, In his free time he attends our classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. He has said that the current lessons are more useful than those of the past and has benefitted greatly. Currently the only language spoken in his household is Spanish but wants to improve his English to communicate with his children in English. Jorge has excelled academically with degrees in law and veterinary, however in terms of studying English, all forms such as all the receptive skills and productive skills weren’t taught to him. He mainly studied grammar and the lack of speaking practice is what causes the low self-esteem when trying to communicate verbally. His main motivation for learning English is to be able to communicate with his children who are both fluent in English. His partner works at the Colombian embassy for that reason he travels from country to country every 3 years. And say’s that is the main reason he hasn’t had the opportunity to improve his English.
Learner style:
My learner is both an auditory and kinaesthetic learner, during the time I have taken to observe him I have noted his reaction to different activities set by the teachers. He is eager to learn and enjoy all the activities and different lesson types, whether it is classroom discussions in speaking lessons or group work in a grammar lessons.. He is mainly an auditory because he enjoys talking to fellow students and the teachers; he picks up words quickly and tends to use them as often as possible. He also likes to take any many notes as possible so that he has a hard copy of the tasks done and that his...