Celta Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - Focus on the learner

Presented by: Bernard Bucyana
Date: 15/11/2010
Length: 879 words

Part 1: Background
In my teaching practice I’ve been working with a pre-intermediate group that consists of around 10 students. Their age ranges between early 20s and late 60s. It’s a multilingual class that shares German as a common language. They seem to be learning English both for personal and work-related reasons. They want to improve their spoken English and receptive skills so that they may communicate effectively. Their previous learning experiences seem to differ and their level of English extends between A1 and A2 (CEF). As far as learning styles are concerned, our students seem to be visual, interpersonal, musical and kinaesthetic learners. They seem to be interested in cooking, shopping and sports. The part of the lesson they all seem to enjoy is “freer practice”.

Part 2: Group’s strengths:

|Category                     |What the student said/wrote correctly and why it is correct:                                                 |
|Grammar                       |I watched television last weekend.                                                                           |
|                             |                                                                                                             |
|                             |Correct use of past simple to talk about an event, state or action that took place within a finished period |
|                             |of time.                                                                                                     |
|Vocabulary                   |My husband likes to iron.                                                                                   |
|                             |                                                                                                             |
|                             |Correct use of the lexical item “iron”....