Fashion: The most talked about word in today’s modern era has become a sort of addiction in not only the youth but the middle aged and to some extent in the old aged too.   People tend to forget who and what they really are in the race to look more fashionable than others. Spending huge amounts of money just to buy the “latest and the most fashionable” and of course the most expensive clothes and accessories are leading to the trend of Consumerism in India where people, with disrespect to their ability to spend, take loans to buy the things which they want. Mark my words; there is a difference in between want and need. Food is our need whereas a watch is our want. There is a limit to our needs but it does not happen with our wants. Our wants are unlimited. Now in this modern race of looking fashionable we, the people, spend so much that we have little left for fulfilling our necessities. Think of the people who don’t have proper clothes to wear, the people who don’t even have new clothes to wear on special occasions leave alone fashionable clothes. What is fashion? Let’s ask ourselves this question. I know we won’t have an answer. Some people, yes, some people get so much absorbed in this race that they spend inattentively not only money but also relations. There is some sort of attitude which takes over when one wears better clothes than others.