Jeans- Fashion or Comfort.


If somebody asks to give an example of a casual wear, what is the first thing comes to our mind? I think it isn’t hard to guess that most of us will think of jeans. Jeans now have become such a legendary bottom wear that I am guessing in about another millennium our succeeders will see replicas of jeans in the museum. Jeans had been popular among the public for more than 50 years. During this huge time travel, we have seen drastic changes in the way people dress up. Some of the clothes women used to wear in the 50’s or 60’s don’t even exist in today’s world. But jeans always remained the exception. Forget about being extinct, rather the designers put their head together to make it more appealing and made changes according to different eras. Now jeans can be found in many styles and shapes. Even now the cloth used for jeans is being used for making jeans jacket, coat, skirts etc.

The best thing about jeans is that it can be both fashionable and practical. If we take the case of North America and western European countries, we will see almost 90% of women walking on the streets are sporting jeans whether as pants or skirts. It is more practical for them to wear jeans while going off to work, getting the grocery or picking up. In Mumbai where I have stayed, I saw girls opting for jeans because it is the best thing to wear when you are coming to college everyday and then running on the platform to catch a train to home. The trend of wearing skinny fits and designer jeans are seen more among celebrities and supermodels I must say. If you catch a paparazzi shot of your favorite star on the net, you will see that they even dress up to get a coffee or walk their dog. So to sum it up, the trend of jeans among foreigners are more about being comfortable rather than being fashionable.

Even Bangladeshi women in recent years have become more confident of their choices and opting for western or should I say more of a fusion look. It did surprise me when I...