Fashion Design

A career as a Fashion Designer is an exciting upbeat experience. You get the opportunity to watch your creations make others happy and confident. It all starts with an inspiration or idea and you can turn a yard of blue fabric into somebody dream come true. To be successful at this career you need a myriad of skills and abilities. They need to be creative and have artistic ability, to be able to think on their toes, and have a wide range of knowledge on past fashion trends, and business know-how. This career may also require many sleepless nights and long hours, however, it is all worth it to see your creation going down a runway making someone feel beautiful.
There are many schools that offer fashion as a major. One in Pennsylvania is The Art Institute in Philadelphia. This school has many branches all over the United States. On this campus students learn how to deal with the fast paced on your toes business. They also are given lessons in patternmaking, tacking, and sewing. This is a two to four year program that ranges from 40,000 to 80,000 depending on your individual situation. Another school in the Pennsylvania area is the Pace Institute. This school is a two year program that is a dual major combining business and fashion merchandising in one. The total cost for this program is much less then its competitors and is considered a best buy.
Being a financially successful fashion designer depends upon experience. The more experience the more pay. A designer with only 1 to 4 years experience will earn around 40,000. A designer with 10 to 19 years experience will earn around 75,000. The highest known pay for a fashion designer was 103,792. The lowest known salary was 25,000. This business is what you make out of it. The length of a designers career depends on their versatility, it can be anywhere from 5 to 20+ years.
Fashion Design is a very rewarding and uplifting career. It enables you to bring your ideas to life. After learning of all the career...