Academic English Reading and Writing
Topic: Is fashion important?
Written by: Smakova Meruyert
ID: 20092696
                                                        Is fashion important?
  - I like when people dress up in their own way and are not necessarily following the fashion.
  - Why? I like fashion. I think even those people who say they don’t care about what they wear, anyway choose clothes every morning, and these clothes say a lot about them and how they feel that day. And this is all about fashion.
  - I didn’t say I don’t care about how I am dressed up. I just think that fashion is a term commonly used to describe a style that is worn by most people, for example, of a one country. I don’t like when all people are putting on the same clothes.
  - But people may put on the same clothes and it either can look completely unfashionable! So choose those clothes which make your self-expression in the best way!
  - So do I, but I won’t choose designer clothes from fashion shows, because most of them are exaggerations of a theme. Some designers such as John Galliano (Christian Dior) present so extravagant looks that no one in their right mind would wear them on the streets.

  Fashion is a style of dressing or behaving that is the most popular at a particular time. The most significant and certain thing in fashion world is a change, as we are constantly being bombarded with new and new fashion ideas. They usually remain popular for about 1-3 years and then are replaced by other ideas. Fashion has its roots from the very ancient times, it existed in all ages. For example, even the famous French King Louis XIV had a definite fashion sense, which included tendency towards extravagant laces and velvets. Another example is that centuries ago most women were forced by fashion to wear puffy dresses, tight corsets, wigs and different types of fans. In those times it was unacceptable for women to wear other types of clothes. But, as a lot of time went by and...