The Fashion Photograph Essay

Media is a very powerful form of communication; it almost controls how we think, and change our opinions towards many issues.
Photography is one of the most important forms of the media; it appears on our every day life, such as news papers, magazines, posters on the streets, and advertising is now an essential part of the fashion business, because of its existence we are able to see the images of garments in a more realistic form and it affects the market with a great deal of power. A good photograph can seduce consumers, make them become interested in the products or wanting to purchase them.
Fashion photography is a new state of art, Charles Worth is credited as the very first person responsible for the idea of using live, moving models to show his clothes, and the first illustrated fashion magazine, Vogue, launched in 1892 which fashion photography started and developed, photographers such as David La Chapelle and Andrea Giacobbe have used computers and visual art to manipulate pictures and produce surreal fashion imageries, and the development of the S.L.R. camera in the sixties aided a more relaxed and realistic approach to portraying fashion and models

The world has changed through the advance of technology, especially digital and information technology in these years. It is now essential for every one to own a computer as and now almost every thing can be done through a computer, (even dating…) photography is one of them. When we think about digital technology in terms of fashion photography, the first thing that comes across our mind is a digital camera. In my personal opinion, it is a very good and convenient change in the photography industry, below are the strong points of digital photography:

Fast viewing -A digital camera provides all the same function as a traditional camera, expect it has a L.C.D. (liquid crystal display) screen what we can see the images which have been taken straight away, and it needs no film. Photos taken from a...