Course: Lifestyle Studies

Subject:Design History

How Audrey Hepburn influenced fashion.

Audrey Hepburn was a huge icon when it came to fashion and film.

She was a Belgian born actress of Dutch and English decent and a brilliant actress, winning numerous amounts of   Oscars. Her first Oscar was in 1953 for Roman Holiday.

She was voted the most stylish film icon of all time,according to a new pol conducted by BBC’s What to Wear magazine with more than 4,000 people to determine the best and worst –dressed big-screen   characters.

Audrey had a graceful   ,cosmopolitan ,intelligent ,beautifull , lighter-than -air persona . It has been said that her smile is like the Mona Lisa ,”You can’t define it, you can only experience it.”

Audrey’s style was elegant but comfortable and easy, it emphasizes the body and femininity.

Today Audrey has types of clothing and shoe designs named after her. Her fashion choices has made such an influence   that variations on her style are common nowadays.

A typical Audrey collection would include:
    • Capri pants
    • Slim trousers
    • A black turtleneck
    • Basic,wrinklefree,button-down   shirt.
    • Ballet flats
    • The little black dress.
    • Evening Gowns
    • Silky scarf
    • Pearls
    • Flashy hat
    • Tretch coat
    • Oversized sunglasses

Audrey wore these items in her movies and suddenly then entire nation followed her trends.

The little black dress,the epitome of Audrey’s elegance, something we all own as a female , started when Aubrey wore it in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.It was prefebly a modest ,plain and sleeveless dress. Then the Coco Chanel pearls that became a trend.

Black Ballet Flats- Audrey wore the ballet flats to compensate for her height but is today worn by every second person for its timeless simplicity.

White button down shirt-The plain menswear was worn just tucked in or tied at the waist for an authentic look.

Black Skinny Jeans- The skinny jeans would be...