Family Restaurant

Family Restaurant

BUS 210
May 1, 2010
Family Restaurant
Family Restaurant is a full service family restaurant serving American, Polish, Mexican, and Italian food.   This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves alcoholic beverages. The owner and partner are very active with the business.   Both owners are very hands on and take part in the ordering of inventory/supplies, staffing, and day to day operations of the restaurant.   This restaurant is located centrally in a small town to offer friendly service, great food and spirits, as well as great entertainment.
The restaurant consists of managers, cooks, bus staff, servers, bartenders, and host and hostesses.   The managers are responsible for maintaining the scheduling of personnel, training of employees, and overall satisfaction of the customers.   The managers also are responsible for reporting to the owners concerning staffing needs, inventory needs, customer needs, and any other trends/needs they find on a day to day basis.
The cooks, bus staff, hostesses, servers, and bartenders are responsible for different duties.   Each individual’s duty is to service the customers, keep the restaurant clean, keep the customers happy, and comply with manager requests and duties assigned by the managers.   The overall structure of the restaurant is top down meaning each employee has an assigned supervisor to answer to.
Business Model
Family Restaurant is located in Howell, Michigan. It has really good food, service, entertainment, and are popular in the community. The three components of the business system that comprise this business are the products and goods the business offers, the service the business provides, and the entertainment the business brings to the community.  Petrenas’ Family Restaurant serves excellent American, Polish, Mexican, and Italian dishes along with beverages and desserts using great servers and bartenders as the commerce...