P5 Btec

In this assignment I will be producing a proposal containing essential information. I will start off with my executive summary and finish with risk management.

Executive summary
The executive summary is the summary of the business plan and it provides highlights of the key points. The executive summary summarizes they key points of the business plan and it should include background information, concise analysis and main conclusion.

My business will be a restaurant which will offer a range of dishes from South America. It will be a family restaurant which will sell dishes which will be suitable for vegetarians and also dishes that are none vegetarian. The business will be based in Wimbledon. The main ingredients of the dish will be flown from South America instead of using an alternative. The USP of my business is that I will sell dishes from Latin America as a whole not an individual country.

Company name  
My company name will need to registered with the HMRC and I will need to make sure that it does no use sensate words or expression. On top of this I need to make sure that I do not connect it to the government or use a name that is trademarked. The company name will be used it official paper work and letters.

My company name will be El Gran Mixto this is Spanish and it symbolises the Latin roots of the restaurant, It is unique remunerable and not offensive which makes it a good company name. The logo of my business will also fit with the company name as it is the flag that was used when Latin America was united as one.

The ownership of a business will determine what kind legal status I take and what kind of liability I have. The business ownership will also determine if an individual owns the business allow or many people such as in a partnership. My ownership will also will also fit in with my requirements that I will need to do. Finally the ownership of my business will set the legal rights for the possession of...