It Project Management

1. Executive Summary
This project is for the Melbourne base family restaurant specializing in international cuisine’s website. Main purpose of the website would be, to display recipes and its images, meal pricing, special event carting booking such as wedding, anniversaries and birthday parties online to its customers with a secure online booking facility with an option for paying online via secured connection to our website.
The aim of the project is to make the restaurant online to customer so they can easily place order for food and save time and money as well as they will be encouraged and offered discounted prizes online. The project will be a web- based application and will be accessible with basic windows or any operating system that is available in market these days. The budget that has been approved for this project is $130,000 and the duration given is 1 months. In this project Jaspreet is acting as the project manager.
2. Risk Identification
Risk management is the process that allows IT managers to balance the operational and economic costs of protective measures and achieve gains in mission capability by protecting the IT systems and data that support their organizations’ missions (Schwalbe, 2006). This process is not unique to the IT environment; indeed it pervades decision-making in all areas of our daily lives. Take the case of home security, for example. Many people decide to have caller ID systems installed in land line and pay a monthly fee to a service provider to provide.
Risk management is important throughout the project to meet project objective. Manager should give priority to the risks in the project. The risk concerned to this project and there prioritization can be
 Must take care that the project is always done within the estimated budget.
 If the estimated time is nearing then we must be careful with the reports and there documentation.
 The money given to the project be accurately shared and spent on required resources....