Evaluate How Poverty Affects a Childs Social and Emotional Development

Criteria to be met | Mark allocated | Mark given | Comment |
Knowledge and understanding of theories / theorists related to social and emotional development or health and wellbeing depending on what is relevant to the chosen focus. | 15 | 9 | I have looked at two theorists that relate with social development, I have given a brief insight into their theory and how it can relate with my chosen topic (Poverty). Although the two theorists are different, the way they look at social and emotional development in a similar way and how it important that adults support a child to ensure they develop in a grounded way. |
Demonstrate an understanding of how to promote good social and emotional development / health and well-being, in young children and babies. (With relevance to the chosen focus.) | 15 | 8 | I have looked at how poverty can affect a child’s social and emotional development but how it is not just their socio-economic status that affects their development but how poverty can have more than on meaning. I have also looked at what children are able to do in a structure environment, not just for them to develop socially and emotionally but often to build on their education and make friends. |
Understanding of the effects and consequences of poor socialisation and emotional development / health and well-being in young children. (With relevance to the chosen focus.) | 15 | 9 | I have looked at how poverty can affect children, I have linked these problems to my chosen topic and how it could affect a child as whole not just not their social and emotional development. I have looked at how they are perceived by their peers could affect their development emotionally. |
Reference to relevant social policy documents / strategies / initiatives e.g. from Welsh Government, health, education. | 15 | 8 | I have focused in on one policy document but I have used policy documents throughout my research to give me a wide range of knowledge and how the government, are...