Cyp Core 3.1: Understanding Child and Young Person Development

CYP Core 3.1: Understanding child and young person development.
By Christopher D Sanders

1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years .

There are 5 different aspects which come from the sequence of child development. These are  
              1) Physical
2) Social
3) Emotional and behavioral
4) Communication and language
5) Intellectual and cognitive

Physical Development
0-3 Years
This stage of development is very fast. Baby’s movements help them to feed or hold on when they grab something. A 1 year old child has more control over their bodies. And at this age may begin to start crawling or pulling themselves up to stand. Within the year the child may begin walking using toys to help keep their balance.
From the age of 2-3 years the child may start feeding itself using its hands or a spoon.
The child may also be able using crayons and holding them to write or draw. They will also start to play alone and experiment with different textures such as water.

3-7 Years
From the ages 3-7 years old the child will gain a lot more independence. All their mobility skills will have advanced such as climbing, walking, catching and throwing.
The child will now be able to develop on their fine motor skills such as holding a pencil, threading a bead and holding scissors to cut around shapes. The child should be able to dress and undress itself and be able to do and undo zips and buttons. At 7the child will enjoy playing in team games such as football or netball. Their confidence has increased when climbing, running and hitting a ball.

7-12 Years
The child will begin to lose all of its baby teeth and grow a lot taller and thinner. Hobbies are now a big thing in the child’s life and become more practised. Some girls will show signs of puberty.

12-16 Years
Between the ages of 12 – 16 years each child is very different in their development. Some may have reached physical maturity and others may just be...