Understand Child and Young Person Development

1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth - 19 years.

Children’s development is holistic. Holistic – it is all around, general development of children. The aspects of development are:
  1) Physical development is about how children master physical control of movements made with their bodies. For example, babies starting crawling after that they are starting lying down; bear walking; walking with two hands help, after with one hand help and finally walking alone. Physical development is divided into gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills is about whole body movements such as sitting up, crawling walking, running, kicking and etc. Fine motor skills we are calling when child manipulate movements that are made with fingers. For example, child is holding and exploring objects, palmar grasp using whole hand, inferior pincer grasp, exploring with the index finger.
  2) Communication development. This development includes children’s speech, language and communication with others. It is includes talking, body language, gestures, reading, writing, sign language. Acquiring language helps children’s finking process. Communication skills help children to express themselves what they are thinking, how they are feels, to communicate with others, to build the relationships.
  3) Intellectual development is development of brain when children constantly receive the information from their surrounding environment and from people. It is includes the development of memory, concentration, imagination, problem solving, knowledge and understanding, creativity. There are close links between intellectual development and communication development as communication helps children to express them thoughts, feels and etc.
  4) Social and emotional development is about the way in which children experience and handles their own emotions and can give the rise to the behaviour like frustration at not being able to do something,...