Essays Said!?


1.   Enumeration
- the easiest method of paragraph development; ideas are enumerated to produce a point

More and more people are learning that the most vital feature in a feasibility study is the market. The first question asked is: Is there a market for the product? If the finding shows a slender or unstable market, the study stops there. The next factor to take into account is: What goods can the people produce quickly and plentifully? This needs a research into the flora and fauna as well as the natural resources indigenous to the area. Finally, can these goods be produced in such a way that they are competitive? If these three questions can be answered satisfactorily, work should start at once.

2.   Illustration
- uses verbal pictures to clarify the point expressed in the paragraph

As Pablo Leyran, a farmer from Alfonso, Cavite received his National Outstanding Farmer's Award, he said that the secret of his successful farming was multi-cropping. Mang Able started with coconuts and bananas. He understood early enough the vulnerability of crops subject to fluctuating prices and supply. So as not to waste valuable land space, he also planted his five-hectare farm with coffee, santol, jackfruit, guava, and pepper. When the price of one goes down, the price of the other crops pull him up. A surprise crop is the anthuriums which his daughter grows. “At first, I wasn't interested because it's something you couldn't eat,” he said. But he didn't want to waste the space and he had the coconut husks and shade needed to grow the anthurium. For now, anthurium profits surpass those all of his other crops combined.

3.   Comparison and Contrast
talks of similarities and differences
opposing pattern and alternating pattern

The big talk and the grandiose programs and the technocrats' gobbledygook are getting tiresome. The big projects need a large capital. They also...