Ar 670-1 Essay

According to Army Regulation 670-11 chapter one paragraph fourteen, “Wear of Jewelry,” no jewelry will appear exposed while wearing the uniform, including watch chains, or similar items, and pens and pencils. The uniform(s) in reference include but is not limited to: the Improved Physical Fitness Uniform, the Army Combat Uniform, and the Army Green Uniform, etc. The only authorized exceptions to this regulation are religious items, a conservative tie tack or tie clasp that male soldiers may wear with the black four-in-hand necktie; and a pen or pencil that may appear exposed on the hospital duty, food service, CVC, or flight uniforms. Violations to Army Regulation 670-1 can garner a punishment deemed fit by the soldier’s immediate supervisor.
I write this essay as a reminder to other soldiers, myself included, that no one is exempt from Army policies. I had violated Army Regulation 670-1 by wearing two colored bracelets, one being blue and the other yellow, on each wrist. The wear of those two bracelets is not authorized to wear in any duty uniform. The only acceptable and authorized wear of the two bracelets is in civilian attire.
It was unbecoming of me as a soldier to wear said items. I did not present a proper uniform appearance and came off as being an unprofessional and undisciplined soldier, to which I apologize. I did not take pride in my appearance while I was in uniform and on duty. It also was not my first offense in the matter. I was instructed three times by Sergeant Whitley to take off my bracelets while I was in uniform. Once while I was in my Improved Physical Fitness Uniform, and twice while I was in my Army Combat Uniform. It also displayed my disregard to obeying a lawful order given to me by a Noncommissioned Officer. There was no real reason to not follow Sergeant Whitley’s orders given to me. I have recognized the errors of my ways and will make it a point to no longer violate AR 670-1 and also obey any NCO, even those not in my direct...