Err Task B

ERR -Task B Heather Lloyd

Bi.   My contract of employment sets out what is expected of me as an employee. It is a binding contract. It states hours, pay, holidays etc. It also includes information and requirements for Health and Safety, Confidentiality, service user protection and CRB.
  * Employee Number
  * Employee code
  * Tax code
  * Full name
  * Address
  * Department
  * Week/ Month
  * National insurance number
  * Description
  * Hours worked
  * Amount of pay
  * Year to date details
  * Tax and insurance contributions
  * Gross Pay
  * Net pay

Biii.   Name changes and address changes must be reported to your employer
  * Try to resolve the issue
  * Make a written statement of the grievance
  * Report to line manager
  * A hearing will be arranged within 14 days of the written complaint
Bv. The agreed ways of working with my employer in relation to the following areas are:
  * Data Protection: Any information about service users will not be repeated or passed on unless to an authorised person i.e. Next of kin. Laptops, Filing cabinet should be kept locked and protected and all client information should be shredded if discarding.
  * Grievance: Both you and your employer should agree on the correct procedure to follow if you need to raise a grievance.
  * Conflict Management: Your employer puts formal procedures in place to help all employees to get on. You should discuss issues privately and always choose your words carefully.
  * Anti-discriminatory practice: Sign documents to say that you agree to these policies and procedures.
  * Health and Safety: Staff should be aware of their own responsibilities when it comes to Health and Safety. They should be able to promote safe working practice and maintain it.   They should also be aware of potential risks.
  * Confidentiality: All information should be kept within the company and never repeated with anyone unless it is vital...