Err Task B

Winterbourne View

On 24th June 2011 Winterbourne View private hospital in Hambrook, South Gloucestershire owned by Castlebeck Care was closed, after an undercover journalist posed as a support worker recording his shocking experience in a video diary, which was aired on BBC's Panorama programme.   It was revealed that the service users were being subjected to verbal, physical and psychological abuse and bullying on a routine basis from some of the staff whose responsibility it was to care for the young adults with learning disabilities who resided there.  

The Panorama programme aired the video evidence of staff:
restraining service users,
mocking, slapping, taunting and poking service users,
locking service users out of their bedrooms,   and doused them with water,
purposely and aggressively punishing service users
for example, a service user who was afraid of the toilet, was punished by being forced into a bathroom, with a member of staff flushing the toilet to scare him until he stopped his behaviour and was threatened with it happening again if he misbehaved.

As a result of Panorama being aired, 11 members of staff were sentenced for their criminal acts, 6 of them received custodial sentences and the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board launched a Serious Case Review.

The failings according to the Serious Case Review documented by Margaret Flynn include:
  a whistle-blower's concerns went unheeded
  patients report of abuse went ignored
  warning signs not picked up by relevant authorities
  high admission rate to A&E, but follow-ups were never made to access why
  many service users had preventative problems such as dental problems
  anti-psychotic drugs were unduly prescribed

Complaints had been made by the service users and their family members but these were never fully looked into as the staff at Winterbourne View said there was nothing to worry about.   One senior nurse also expressed his concerns to...