Employents Rights and Responsibilities


Task Ai
Sources of information on current employment law to update staff handbook.

To enable me do this:
  1. I would contact the company solicitor specializing in Employment Law for example I have contacted William B. Rose in the past as they have over 2000 client base in the care sector.
  2. I would also contact the Department of Works and Pensions whose website is very vibrant and interactive in terms of information dissemination. It also has a template for downloading materials that could be amended for use.
  3. I would speak to the company director who has vast knowledge of over 20 years as a director.
  4. I would compare what we have in our current handbook with what I have been told/educated on.
Task Aii
a Aspects of employment covered by Law

There are several aspects of employment by law which includes:
  1. Minimum wage
  2. Discrimination/harassment/intimidation
  3. Health and safety
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Disciplinary procedure
  6. Complaints/grievances
B features of 3 main employment laws

The Data Protection Act 1998 deals with the protection of confidential information of individuals as well as the right to access personal information. It also states the guidance on situation where information should be shared on a need to know basis. This includes the Caldecott principle which states information should be shared on need to know basis to only individuals concerned with the specific issue and in such information should be destroyed after use in a stipulated time.

Health and Safety Act 1998
This states that the employer has the right and responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and emloyees must follow instructions, guidance, risk assessment put in place by employer and attend training for such. The employer may delegate a trained and competent individual to deal with this but the employer is still responsible hence is the responsible person.

This is clearly...